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Monday News: Amity Shlaes says Americans have forgotten the disaster of big government; John Tamny walks the GOP back from the ledge; Steve Forbes on why Romney Lost

Politics and Government

At Investors Business Daily, Amity Shlaes says Americans have forgotten the disaster of big government.

At John Tamny walks the GOP “back from the ledge”

Steve Forbes reveals the real reasons why Romney Lost

In Ralph Benko argues that Team Obama beat Team Bush not Team Reagan and predicts a Reagan Renaissance

Monetary Reform

The Daily Reckoning argues that there is still a case for gold.

Regulatory Reform

In The Star Ledger, Ed Beeson examines the impact of Dodd-Frank on financial institutions.

Fox News discusses the upcoming Obamacare costs


On National Review, Larry Kudlow urges the GOP to stick to their free market principles

From The Wall Street Journal, Stephen Moore reiterates Mitch McConnell’s statement that “we have a voter mandate not to raise taxes.”


In The Oakland Tribune, Rich Danker says California has doubled down on pension promising.

On The Lexington Herald-Leader, John Cheves analyzes potential solutions for Kentucky’s pension woes.

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