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Monday News: John Tamny on the comical central planning fantasy; calls Rep. Kevin Brady the “six trillion dollar man” for tackling monetary reform.

Politics and Government
On Forbes, Ralph Benko praises Congressman Kevin Brady, Chairman of the Joint Economic Committee.
In Forbes,  Charles Kadlec says the budget stalement shows the need for monetary reform; Kadlec on the audacity of power: President Obama plays the bully
Monetary Reform
From Forbes, John Tamny mocks the comical, central planning fantasy that is ‘market’ monetarism. Also on Forbes, John Tamny writes on Brendan Brown and the global curse of the Federal Reserve. 
At Larry Kudlow’s radio show, Congressman Brady discusses the sound dollar act. 
From TGSN, Kathleen Packard argues the equity bubble is pumped by the monetary bubble. 
Detlev Schlichter asks how much debt reduction has the crisis caused? 
In the Canton Daily Ledger, Doug Finke reports pension reform is creeping along in the Illinois legislature.

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