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Monday round up: Benko and Kadlec on Cain; Lazear and Moore on austerity; Reynolds on executive pay.

From Forbes, Ralph Benko and Charles Kadlec applaud Herman Cain’s new book for its focus on the gold standard.

In The WSJ, Edward Lazear argues the supply-side view of austerity – cut spending, keep taxes low — is correct.

At Cato, Alan Reynolds explains that today’s higher executive pay is due mainly to past tax reforms thatreduce penalties for declaring income.

On The Kudlow Report, Stephen Moore discusses austerity vs. stimulus:

In Forbes, John Tamny opposes the estate tax.

The NY Sun recounts the history of the Federal Reserve’s founding.

On The Daily Beast, David Frum highlights Charles Kadlec debating the gold standard.

In The WSJ, Stephen Moore notes strong poll numbers for Gov. Scott Walker (WI).

At PJ Media, David Goldman applauds Germany for insisting upon Greek budget cuts.

In The WSJ, Matthew Sinclair outlines ideas for British tax reform.

From Heritage, Rob Bluey summarizes the 2013 tax increases.

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