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Monday round up: Benko argues for the gold standard; Goldman discusses the dollar; Politico on GOP tax reform plans.

On C-SPAN’s Morning Journal, Ralph Benko provides a terrific argument for the gold standard.

At TGSN, Benko recounts the history of the Continental Congress’s disastrous experiment with paper money.

Politico summarizes Republican candidates’ “unorthodox” tax plans.

On The Kudlow Report, David Goldman discusses the dollar and Fed policy:

SNL features a surprisingly substantive parody of the European debt crisis and the euro. (Warning: some rough language.)

From The Washington Post, George Will recounts California’s tax and spending debate.

On Kudlow, Fed Governor Thomas Hoenig foresees inflation despite recent commodity declines and a rising dollar:

At NRO, Kevin Williamson critiques Keynesian economists.

From the Mises Institute, James E. Miller remembers Paul Krugman’s positive writings on trade.

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