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Monday round up: Benko on the Sound Dollar Act; Malpass on pro-growth reforms; Kudlow on the strengthening dollar.

At Forbes, Ralph Benko notes liberal opposition to US Rep. Kevin Brady’s Sound Dollar Act.

The editors of e21 analyze the tax contribution of the top 1% of earners.

At Forbes, David Malpass proposes a stronger dollar and tax reform to rev up growth.

On The Kudlow Report, Malpass discusses the unemployment report and the Fed:

From NRO, Larry Kudlow shrugs at the weak employment report.

At RCM, Louis Woodhill highlights the recent poor employment report.

On NRO, Kudlow links Ben Bernanke’s backing off QE3 to declining commodities.

In The Telegraph, Ambrose Evans Pritchard examines gold’s recent decline.

From Project Syndicate, Daniel Gros compares dollar and euro easing.

In The WSJ, Kevin Warsh argues households deserve credit for the improving economy.

Also in The WSJ, Stephen Moore highlights Gov. Bill Haslam of Tennessee.

On The Kudlow Report, Dan Mitchell debates the Bush tax cuts’ expiration:

In The NYT, Benn Steil remembers the spy scandal that gave the US leadership of the World Bank rather than the IMF.

The CSM reports illegal immigration drying up in response to the weak economy.

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