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Monday summary: The NY Sun and Ron Paul vs. Krugman; Benko on OWS; Tamny on healthcare costs.

The NY Sun opposes Keynesian Paul Krugman’s call for increased inflation.

At Forbes, Ralph Benko repudiates Occupy Wall Street’s embrace of class warfare socialism.

On Bloomberg TV, US Rep. Ron Paul debates Krugman:

In Forbes, John Tamny rues efforts to eliminate expensive healthcare.

On his blog, Scott Grannis suggests slow growth is due to government spending offsetting productive investment.

At City Journal, Herbert London reviews Jeff Bell’s The Case for Polarized Politics.

The Economist explains that global current account imbalances are largely due to oil exports.

Free Market America goes viral with its environmental critique, “If I Wanted America to Fail”:

In The WSJ, Mary O’Grady reports on rising leftwing populism in Chile.

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