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23998685453_c565c9cc44_qPolicy and Government

At CNS News, Susan Jones reports there are a record number of Americans employed – and a record number not in the labor force.

From National Review, Stephen Meyer believes a US/UK free trade agreement should be a top priority for the Trump administration.


At, Nathan Lewis says Jack Kemp showed us the way back to the gold standard.

John Tamny wonders what Trump’s presidency means for the dollar.

From CATO, George Selgin explains how Trump can use the Fed to help American workers.


At CEI, Jessica Melugin warns future Cyber Monday sales will take a hit if the Marketplace Fairness Act is passed.


Bernie Sanders warns the Carrier deal sets a dangerous precedent.


In the WSJ, James Capretta and Scott Gottlieb lay out 4 pillars for a new healthcare system.

Photo Credit: Mpls55408