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Nathan Lewis says today’s currency woes are easy to fix.

Policy and Government

From Investor’s Business Daily, Lewis Uhler and Peter Ferrara say the Democrats’ socialist agenda means the decline of America.

Investor’s Business Daily: Socialism is the cause for Venezuela’s mass exodus.

Scientists develop an enzyme that can eat plastic.

Visual Capitalist displays the world’s ultra-wealthy in one chart.

Bret Swanson at AEIdeas observes, in the face of the GDPR and California’s Consumer Privacy Act that “The best fix for problems borne of technology is often . . . more technology.”

John Tamny and Adam Brandon discuss the future of work.

In the LA Times, Daniel Griswold says in a trade war everyone loses.


From, Nathan Lewis says today’s currency woes are easy to fix.


At City Journal, Steven Malanga reports NJ is getting a brutal tutorial on the Laffer curve.


In the NY Times, Glenn Melnick says emergency room regulations are driving up health care costs.

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