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The NY Times remembers Alan Krueger.

Policy and Government

The New York Times among many others reports the tragic death of labor economist Alan Krueger whose work included challenging the insidious use of non-compete agreements to suppress wages and challenging the abuse of occupational licensing rules:

“’It was the ability to be both interesting and credible — that was his great gift,’ said Lawrence H. Summers, who taught Mr. Krueger at Harvard and later worked with him in the Obama administration.”
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Phil Gramm and Michael Solon say tax reform unleashed the U.S. economy.

Policy and Government

In the Washington Times, Thomas Sowell warns Americans may not resist the false promises of socialism.

New York Magazine‘s Intelligencer helpfully explains how the Democratic Socialists of America are deeply beholden to Donald Trump: “DSA’s growth — from 6,000 to 56,000 in a little more than two years — didn’t happen during the financial crash, or Occupy Wall Street, or even Sanders’s campaign. It happened after Donald Trump was elected.”
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