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Nikhil Sridhar Analyzes India’s Crypto-Clueless Regulators

Spending and Taxes

At KMJ Now, Stephen Moore warns that proposed tax hikes at the federal level and in New York would be a double whammy on the dollar.

At Fox Business, Larry Kudlow apprises that Biden’s assault on investment will hurt the middle class and dampen the economic boom.

At One America News Network, Art Laffer breaks down the Laffer Curve.

At the Cato Institute, Chris Edwards explains how Biden’s infrastructure plan could crowd-out private investment.

Regulations and Policymaking

At the Independent Institute, Randall G. Holcombe skewers Biden’s climate pledge.

Monetary Policy

At the Mises Institute, Nikhil Sridhar analyzes India’s crypto-clueless regulators.

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