On Hannity: Stephen Moore discusses JFK’s supply-side legacy.

Policy and Government

In the Washington Times, J.T. Young says a strong economy is Trump’s best weapon against attacks.


At GCoin, Ralph Benko tells us to make new friends (blockchain) and keep the old (gold).


On Hannity, Stephen Moore discusses JFK’s tax cuts. Listen here and here.

In the Observer, Peter Ferrara tells Republicans to step up their sales pitch for tax cuts.

David Bahnsen: You don’t need a child care tax credit to be pro-child.

In the WSJ, Maria Bartiromo says tax reform is needed to keep the Trump Boom alive.

Dan Mitchell gives his scorecard for the tax bill.


In the WSJ, Joseph De Avila and Jon Kamp report on Connecticut’s debt struggles.


Steve Forbes: Deregulation gave us 3 percent growth.

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