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Our Favorite Headline Of The Month

Unleash Prosperity Hotline
Issue #315
1) Our Favorite Headline Of The Month

The report finds that 14 states have passed new or expanded parental choice education reforms.

According to Pew:

Advocates for voucher-like programs in a dozen other states made similar gains this session. Indiana, Kentucky, West Virginia, and Missouri all created new education savings accounts this year, with Kentucky’s program passing over the veto of Democratic Gov. Andy Beshear.

Several other states—including Arkansas, Iowa, Kansas, Montana, Oklahoma and South Dakota—created or expanded “tax-credit scholarships,” which use tax-deductible donations to fund private school scholarships. Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Indiana and Maryland also expanded existing voucher programs.

Our Take: It’s a good time for governors, state legislators, and school boards to get aggressive on school choice. Millions of parents are pulling their kids out of “woke” Public schools. Polls also show public approval for teacher unions at or near an all-time low. 
2) We Love To Say We Told You So…

“You’re starting to see a response to these programs ending,” said Aneta Markowska, Jefferies’ chief financial economist told the Journal. In recent months “employers were having to compete with the government handing out money, and that makes it very hard to attract workers.”

So what possible excuse is there for the Democratic states that are keeping these unemployment bonuses going all summer?

What kind of madness is it that the infrastructure deal reallocates the unspent bonuses from red states to infrastructure in mostly blue states (i.e., transit funding) – and also keeps the bonuses flowing to the blue states?

As a reminder, you can see our CTUP study that unleashed this whole debate here (

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