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UntitledPolicy and Government

In the WSJ, Phil Gramm and Michael Solon explain why this recovery is so lousy: the government overspends, overtaxes and over regulates.

Steve Forbes gives his remedy for slow economic growth.

“Pro-growth structural changes in fiscal and monetary policy would lead to rapid revivals of dead-in-the-water economies,” he says. “Such reforms do not include blowing up the global trading system with new tariffs and other barriers to commerce. There are plenty of remedies on hand today to deal with actual trade abuses.”

On Fox News, Art Laffer says U.S. economic conditions are worsening.

Professor Taylor shows how economic exasperation is continuing.


At CNBC, Chicago Fed President Evans believes an interest rate hike could be appropriate this year.

From, Tim Worstall makes the case for keeping interest rates lower for longer.

From Bloomberg, Rich Miller reports traders don’t see a rate hike coming until June 2017.

Photo Credit: Thomas Hawk