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Phil Kerpen Joins Laura Ingraham to Discuss School Closures and Mask Use Among Children

Regulation and Policymaking

At Fox News, Phil Kerpen joins Laura Ingraham to discuss school closures and mask use among children.

Washington Post reports conservative groups — including the Committee to Unleash Prosperity —  have come out against a doubling of the IRS budget. 

At the Wellsboro Gazette, Kerpen makes the case that Biden’s infrastructure plan ignores the success of broadband.

At Forbes, John Tamny reviews Brian Domitrovic’s “The Emergence of Arthur Laffer.”

At National Review, Dominic Pino argues that diminishing marginal utility makes Biden’s infrastructure bill a bad investment.

Taxes and Spending

At Forbes (via YouTube), Steve Forbes profiles tax-friendly states.

Free Trade

At the Cato Institute, Scott Lincicome contends that Biden is the ultimate hypocrite when it comes to the Jones Act.

Monetary Policy

On OAN, Stephen Moore discusses the latest inflation numbers.

At Project Syndicate, John B. Taylor asks, “is the Fed getting burned again?”


At the American Institute for Economic Research, Vincent Geloso urges us to blame government policies, not Amazon, for labor market frictions.

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