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Prof. Kevin Dowd says “Paul Krugman has gone too far this time…”

Adam_Smith_Institute_logoPolicy and Government

Prof. Kevin Dowd, writing at the Adam Smith Institute, says “Paul Krugman has gone too far this time: let’s retrain him as a cosmonaut,” referencing in support several columns by The Supply Side Blog editor Ralph Benko.

The World Bank downgrades its U.S. economic growth forecast.

In the Washington Times, Donald Lambro says there is no disguising the weak economy.

Dan Mitchell discussses the grim final year of Obamanomics.

In Investor’s Business Daily, John Merline shows us how big the U.S. economy is.


At CNBC, Jeff Cox blasts “the central bank that cries wolf.”

In the WSJ, Nicole Friedman and Kevin Baxter report oil is rising as the dollar is weakening.

At CNBC, Annie Pei explains how the Fed may be to blame for hedge fund pain.


At the Heritage Foundation, Stephen Moore bashes the war on fossil fuels.

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