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Q4 Economic Growth: 2.6%

Policy and Government

Q4 Economic Growth: 2.6%

CNBC: Trump administration falls short of its 3% economic growth target for 2018.

CEA: This Administration’s GDP growth for 2018 (Q4 over Q4) is higher than any year under the last Administration (highest was 2.7).

Veronique de Rugy: We’re learning the lessons of protectionism the hard way.

John Tamny presents an optimist take on the alleged rise of socialism.

Andy Puzder: Ivanka is right; Americans want to earn their success.

Andy Puzder: Trump is confronting the evils of socialism in Venezuela.

Joshua Sande and Jon Decker: Venezuela could define the ‘Trump Doctrine’ as soft power success.

Oxford anthropologists identify seven universal rules of morality.


Green New Deal is based on fear, not facts.

Photo Credit: Zach Rudisin

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