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Policy and Government

At, Ralph Benko advises President Trump to use something old, something new, something borrowed (from Larry Kudlow and Brian Domintrovic) and something blue to fix health care.

The Economist interviews Trump on economic policy.

On CNBC, Larry Kudlow says increasing trade with China is a huge win for Trump.

Mark Skousen explains why communism doesn’t work.


At Alt-M, George Selgin gives part 10 of his monetary policy primer.


From, Tim Worstall shows how the New York Times contradicted itself on Trump’s tax plan.

In the Washington Times, Stephen Moore discusses the sickening effect of Obamacare’s tax hikes.

In Investor’s Business Daily, John Tamny and Rob Arnott explain the fallacy of the charitable deduction.


In the NY Times, Jane Perlez and Yufan Huang discuss China’s $1 trillion plan to shake up the economic order.

Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore