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Ralph Benko: America and the world should consider the Swiss model, follow Tim Draper’s breadcrumb trail.

Policy and Government

In The American Spectator, Ralph Benko says America and the world should revert to a confederation model, like Switzerland, following the Tim Draper breadcrumb trail.

In The National Pulse, Jon Decker explains why tariffs are unlikely to get America a better deal.

From Politico, Daniel Lippman reports U.S. manufacturing has doubled since the 1980s.


BIS report: Cryptocurrency beyond the hype.


National Tax Limitation Committee details the benefits of cutting the corporate tax rate.


At, Clyde Wayne Crews Jr. explains why universal basic income is bad policy.


On Real Clear Markets, Randolph May and Theodore Bolema say after the Time Warner merger, the anti-trust cops should take a hike.


In The Hill, Scott Wong reports President Trump will support the House GOP immigration bills.


Washington Post gives 4 Pinnochios to President Trump’s claim that (due to immigration) crime is up in Germany.

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