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Ralph Benko and William Collier: Facebook data mining hype is overblown.

Policy and Government
On Real Clear Markets, John Tamny says protectionism didn’t win President Trump’s election.
In the Washington Times, Richard Rahn says everything is better than we realize!

At the Hoover Institution, Richard Epstein slams the China tariffs.
Investor’s Business Daily covers the California exodus.
At, Nathan Lewis asks if we just enjoyed the ‘Yellen Gold Standard’.
On, Steve Forbes is disappointed with new Fed chair Jerome Powell.
At Townhall, Ralph Benko and William Collier write the hype of Facebook data mining is overblown.
On Real Clear Markets, Ira Stoll says if you think Facebook is bad now, just wait for Washington to ‘fix it’.
On Real Clear Politics, Mark Mills says it is a terrible time to regulate tech.
Investor’s Business Daily slams HHS’ proposed rules on short-term limited-duration health insurance plans.
Investor’s Business Daily says blockchain could transform the financial system.

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