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3592552424_743500dfc7_qPolicy and Government

Steve Forbes bashes Preside Obama’s letter on the state of the economy.

Francis Menton asks ‘Will President Trump end the war against the economy?’

David Malpass discusses trade, the Fed, and the debt limit.

In the NY Sun, Stephen MacLean says Britain is itching for a trade agreement with Trump’s America.

In The Daily Beast, Nicole Gelinas says Donald Trump saw the economic crisis that others didn’t.


At, Ralph Benko explains how the gold standard fits perfectly into Steve Bannon’s blueprint for a new America.

From, John Tamny writes as banks shrink, so does the Fed.

At, Tim Worstall says the falling euro is OK.

At Liberty Street Economics, Donald P. Morgan and James Narron chronicle the birth of the Fed.

From, Nathan Lewis explains how JFK vs. Nixon was also a battle between Gold and NGDP targeting.


In the WSJ, Amity Shlaes explains why Herbert Hoover’s economic policies were wrong.


The American Action Forum reveals how Donald Trump can boost our economy by slashing regulations.

Photo Credit: Bullion Vault