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Ralph Benko explains what Greg Ip missed in his blog, “What Republicans Get Wrong About The Gold Standard”

400-oz-Gold-Bars-AB-01Politics and Government

At The American Spectator, Jeffrey Lord defends Jack Kemp: The Bleeding Heart Conservative Who Changed America from the New York Times.


At ThePulse2016, Ralph Benko explains what the WSJ’s chief economic commentator Greg Ip missed in his blog, “What Republicans Get Wrong About The Gold Standard.” Ip, a gentleman as well as a scholar, tweeted Benko’s blog as “a thoughtful defense of the gold standard.”

At, Nathan Lewis disputes the WSJ’s Greg Ip observations on the Republicans and the gold standard.

At Bloomberg View, Ramesh Ponnuru presents intelligently on dome Republican candidates’ complaints around Fed policy.

In the New York Times, Paul Krugman continues to dish out his trademark drivel in Republicans Lust For Gold.

The Hillsdale Daily News reports that Steve Forbes, speaking on the gold standard, gets a warm reception at Hillsdale College.

On Twitter, Kudlow praises Benko for a good defense of gold.


At RCM, Kudlow raises caution over the Cruz and Paul tax plans.

From ATR, Grover Norquist explains why nearly all Republican candidates fight for lower taxes.

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