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Ralph Benko expounds on capitalism’s first commandment: lower tax rates.

Ralph Benko, writing in his capacity as chairman of the Capitalist League at Newsmax, expounds on capitalism’s first commandment: lower tax rates. And provides the Big Reveal that the famed Reagan supply-side tax rate cuts of the ’80s that helped to created tens of millions of great new jobs were propelled by pro-labor Republicans, Kemp and Reagan, and pro-labor Democrats, Rostenkowski, Bradley, and Gephardt.  Not by rich guys seeking to privilege capital over labor.


True capitalism benefits workers as well as businesses.

There are two flavors of true capitalism.

The left-leaning version is known as “social market capitalism.”

Germany invented it and the Nordic countries are its most enthusiastic practitioners, most happily. The market is left free to generate wealth. The government uses the abundant tax revenues from that to fund a suite of popular public services, services which aren’t abused.

Like public libraries. Or, health insurance.

The right-leaning version is popularly known as “laissez-faire capitalism.”

Singapore, Hong Kong, and, to a lesser extent, the United States practice this. This holds that the private sector is better at providing more affordable, higher quality, services and giving people opportunities to earn and afford them.

Both lead to human flourishing.

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