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Policy and Government

Ralph Benko: How The Dow Went From 814 to 26,000 And How Bell’s Populist Postulate Could Top That.

In the American Conservative, Robert Merry remembers Jeff Bell.

In the Weekly Standard, Fred Barnes remembers Jeff Bell.

The Nation reports: “The single most important decision in evaluating a business is pricing power,” Buffett said.

Stephen Moore praises Trump’s soaring economy.

Turns out that Princeton was wrong and America is not an oligarchy.  Oops!


Larry Kudlow: Trump needs to return to King Dollar.


Stephen Moore: A gas tax hike will solve none of our problems.


On Newsmax, Stephen Moore reveals Obama’s debt and deficit legacy.

At, John Tamny writes the Republican budget reminds us that federal revenues are too high.

IBD slams universal welfare.