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Ralph Benko: Profit is Essential For Progress.

Policy and Government

The Committee’s Ralph Benko, quoting the Committee’s Steve Forbes, at (which Benko chairs and Jon Decker, Managing Editor of the Supply-Side Blog, is national Youth Director): Profit is Essential For Progress.

MarketWatch reports the skyscraper index shows we are near a market top.

In the NY Post, Rand Paul explains how socialism hurts the poor.


Repo Madness: The WSJ reports the Fed is boosting its bailout operations.

Breitbart reports Elizabeth Warren grills banks on the Fed’s actions.

Yahoo! Finance on the Committee’s Steve Moore and Ralph Benko joining the team on the development of a stablecoin which Benko calls ‘the Meta-dollar.”

Bloomberg wonders if the U.S. will join the negative interest rate club.

At, Norbert Michel discusses Libra.

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