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Ralph Benko reviews Andy Stern’s new book “Raising The Floor”

220px-AndysternPolicy and Government

At ATR, Grover Norquist says Hillary Clinton’s economic plan will be disastrous for American families.


At, Tim Worstall writes the euro is a greater threat to the EU than Brexit.


At, Abby McCloskey says it’s time for a supply-side experiment— cut tax rates.

In the Huffington Post, Grover Norquist explains why hiking the capital gains tax is a bad idea.


At, Ralph Benko gives the first part of a two part review of Stern’s new book Raising The Floor … an inquiry into disappearing middle class jobs and the prescription of a universal basic income of $10,000/year Click here for Part 2.

In The Hill, Peter Sullivan reports Obamacare enrollment has dropped.

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