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Ralph Benko salutes Kudlow, Moore, Laffer, Forbes, and Sean Rushton, among others, for their emphasis on a stable dollar.

Policy and Government

In the Washington Post, Emily Langer remembers Jeff Bell as an architect of Reaganomics.

On Newsmax, Larry Kudlow says share buybacks will re-oxygenate the economy.

In The Washington Post, Bob Samuelson lists the political consequences of slow economic growth.

In the NY Times, Dani Rodrik explains what true populism looks like.

In The Guardian, Damian Carrington explains how Seychelles is using a never-before-seen finance plan for a new marine park.

The Conversation debunks the myths surrounding Tulip Mania.


At, Ralph Benko salutes Kudlow, Moore, Laffer, Forbes and Sean Rushton (the original founder of the Supply Side Blog), among others, for their emphasis on a stable dollar, reminding readers that the “charter document” of Supply-Side economics, Jude Wanniski’s The Mundell-Laffer Hypothesis, was 99% about monetary stability, only 1% about tax rate cutting.

At Alt-M,  Prof. Lawrence White critiques a number of unfounded statements made by Princeton historian Harold James as to public and private currencies and, especially, some wildly overstated concerns as to bitcoin.

At Vox, K. Kıvanç Karaman, Sevket Pamuk, Seçil Yıldırım-Karaman conclude that when silver or gold standards kept the monetary units stable, it was ultimately because the underlying politics favored stability.

At, Eileen Guo sings Happy Birthday Mr. Dollar Bill, celebrating the enactment of the Legal Tender Act on February 25, 1862.

From G Coin, Ralph Benko writes Olympic medals are mostly silver because Zeus is poor.


In the Washington Times, Stephen Moore says liberals are to blame for higher heating bills.

At, John Tamny believes the critics are wrong, Putin loves U.S. fracking.

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