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Policy and Government

In the American Spectator, Ralph Benko says our future is revealed in George Gilder’s new book “Life After Google”.

In the WSJ, Robert Barro says he won’t ride the ‘Trump Train’ into a trade war.

From Creators Syndicate, Steve Champan wonders if President Trump is a free trader.

The New York Times does its best to throw shade on America’s economic expansion.

Quinn Connelly, at RCM, on how Enlightenment Now crushes Piketty’s inequality alarmism.

WattsUpWithThat lays out the litany of hysterical climate doom predictions that show no signs of becoming true.

In the American Conservative, Addison Del Mastro calls Tyson’s Corner ‘the bubble inside the beltway bubble’.


At the Washington Post, Bob Samuelson nails the dollar as the real root of America’s merchandise trade deficit.

At CATO, James Dorn releases ‘Monetary Policy in an Uncertain World’.

David Song covers the recent gold price movements.


Paul R. Hitchcock shows us the lunacy of the STB’s proposal on forced switching.


On Real Clear Markets, Mike Solon says the budget and the economy are winning.