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4793077097_ce01e7d950_zPolicy and Government

On Fox News, Steve Forbes says the U.S. economy is still stuck in second gear.

Should Obama have his Justice Department sue the last American disco ball maker for antitrust? Or have Treasury bail them out?


Alan Greenspan believes Brexit could push us towards restoring the classical gold standard.


At, Ralph Benko says the Ryan/Brady tax plan is a blueprint to Make America Great Again.

The Tax Foundation analyzes the Democratic platform’s tax plan.

At, Stephen Moore writes Donald Trump’s tax plan is pro-growth.

From, Nathan Lewis lays out the evidence that it is very hard to keep supply side tax cuts from flooding government with revenue, worldwide, pretty much every time they are deployed, creating a problem for the anti-government libertarian wing of supply siders.


At, Tim Worstall debunks the outpouring of terrible economics concerning Brexit.