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Ralph Benko says Trump should ‘go gold’ to make America great again.

Policy and Government

John Tamny and Steve Forbes discuss the Trump economy during his first 100 days in office.

On February 23rd, The Tax Foundation will host a lunch with its President Scott Hodge and Larry Kudlow.

At, Tim Worstall says the most important economic indicator is the 1.3% productivity growth rate in Q4.

In the Washington Times, Donald Lambro attacks Obama’s economic record during his final months in office.


In the American Thinker, Ralph Benko says Trump should ‘go gold’ to make America great again.

From, Tim Worstall explains how the Fed is already reversing QE, in a strange way.

At, Nathan Lewis writes free trade and floating currencies don’t play well together.

At FT, Shawn Donnan, Robin Harding, and Katie Martin discuss the international alarm over the US’s “radical” approach to the dollar.

In the WSJ, Jon Sindreu explains why forecasting the dollar’ response to a border adjustable tax is a difficult job.


In the WSJ, Mark Mills believes bioelectronics could lead to tomorrow’s manufacturing revolution.

Photo Credit: Michael Vadon

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