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***Remembering ‘The Optimistic Populist’ Jeff Bell***

From, Ralph Benko: How The Dow Went From 814 to 26,000 And How Bell’s Populist Postulate Could Top That.

In the American Conservative, Robert Merry: Jeff Bell: Supply-Side Giant-Slayer.

The WSJ: The supply-side populist was prescient about American politics.

New York Times: Jeffrey Bell, G.O.P. Giant-Killer and Supply-Sider.

From APP, Frank Cannon: “Simply irreplaceable”.

On Twitter, Bill Kristol: “Generous man, original mind”.

From Twitter, Steve Forbes: “Principled, courageous statesman.”

On Twitter, Larry Kudlow: “Great supply-side thinker.”

In The Weekly Standard, Fred Barnes: “The Influencer”.

In The Weekly Standard, Rich Danker: One of politics’ uncommonly good men.

At The Weekly Standard, John Mueller: Jeff Bell was George Bailey.

From National Review, Richard Brookhiser: “Intelligent and passionate”.

At Newsmax, John Gizzi: “Bell showed conservatism could sell.”

From Twitter, Judy Shelton: “Bold, brave and brilliant in his defense of morality and sound money.”

From Twitter, Heritage President Kay Coles James: An “inquiring mind, generous heart, and noble voice.”

From Conservative HQ, Richard Viguerie: “Visionary Conservative”.

In the National Pulse, Jon Decker: A Man Who Transformed the World.


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