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Richard Karlgaard gives 3 reasons why economic growth stinks.

6146512964_99da9198c0_qPolicy and Government

In the Washington Examiner, Peter Roff says attorney generals shouldn’t outsource legal work to private firms.

In The Washington Post, Robert Samuelson believes middle-wage jobs are making a comeback.


At, Richard Karlgaard gives 3 reasons why economic growth stinks; including the abandonment of the gold standard.

At Politico, Zachary Warmbrodt reports Judy Shelton, one of Trump’s economic advisors, is going for gold.

From, Tim Worstall explains how Ramen is proof that governments don’t create money.


At, Jared Meyer attacks Massachusetts’ new ride-sharing tax.


The NY Post writes after 20 years, critics are still lying about the success of welfare reform.


At, Norbert Michel writes first they came for MetLife, and I said nothing, than they came for Home Depot.

From, Merrill Matthews reports the stock market is delivering a big ‘No’ to Obamacare exchanges.

Photo Credit: Jason Taellious

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