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6757824757_f607201a27_qPolicy and Government

On CNBC, John Engler writes the economy’s growth level is unacceptable.

In the Washington Times, Rick Berman says labor unions are starting to abhor union tactics.


The NY Sun wonders is a coup is brewing at the Fed.

At FT, Matthew Klein shows the sectors of the economy hit hardest by inflation since the 1990.

At Alt-M, George Selgin asks if the Fed has been breaking the law on interest rates.

In the American Thinker, Stephen MacLean discusses Thomas Paine’s indictment of inflation.

Dan Mitchell continues his coverage of the War on Cash.


From, Robert Wood says the real ‘basket of deplorables’ are the Clinton tax hikes.

In the NY Times, Gregory Mankiw makes the case for abolishing the death tax.


On Real Clear Markets, John Tamny isn’t buying the arguments for a crackdown on China.

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