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Rush Limbaugh covers Committee to Unleash Prosperity JFK Tax Cut Ad

Excerpt from

RUSH: On the cutting edge of societal evolution, Rush Limbaugh, meeting and surpassing all audience expectations every day. So it was back in — get audio sound bite number 2 standing by.

Back in June of 1993 on both the radio and Rush Limbaugh the TV show, we unearthed a speech, incredible words uttered by then President Kennedy to the Economic Club of New York a year and a half before his assassination. Actually, it was less than that. It was in December in 1962. And I even said back then that there are a lot of people in the audience who were born after John Kennedy was assassinated in 1963, too young to remember much except the lionized Camelot portrayal of JFK.

Oh, speaking of which, anybody in there watch The Crown on Netflix? Well, I watched season 2 — well, I got started on season 2 over the weekend, and this covers the year 1960 to ’64, Queen Elizabeth. The series starts with her father dying and then King Edward abdicating because he wanted to marry a divorcee, so it made her the queen. And the show follows — I guess it’s supposed to be fairly biographical, but they take some liberties, obviously.

But in the second season it’s 1960 to ’64, and during that period, JFK and Jackie O visit Paris and London. And the episode, which has them coming to London to visit the queen, portrays the Kennedys as unlike anything you’ve ever — well, no. I must be fair. There are and have been many reports of the JFK that this show portrays. They didn’t focus on the playboy aspect. They did some, but really they focused on how he was totally overshadowed by Jackie everywhere they went and that Jackie was miserable in her marriage.

It was no Camelot whatsoever. And they were both drug addicts. This episode shows them both getting shot up before dinner with the queen by the traveling Dr. Feel Good. Now, Kennedy did have Addison’s disease, and he had a very bad back, and he was supposedly living on Demerol, and he did have a doctor that traveled around and was with him all the time to make life tolerable, because apparently he was in chronic pain that was not fixable. But that’s always been kind of hushed up in the post-Kennedy Camelot portrayal of those years.

They don’t sugarcoat the Kennedys at all in this episode. They portray Jackie as snooty and arrogant and looking down on the queen and Buckingham Palace and saying so publicly. They portray Jack as tolerating her but fully aware that most people are interested in him because they’re interested in her. They talk about how she captivated de Gaulle when they were in Paris and he even said he’s the luckiest guy in the world, he’s the guy traveling the world with Jackie Onassis. Jacqueline Kennedy is her name then, of course.

Anyway, it was an observation, because you don’t see this. And that episode has been controversial because people — remember, it’s produced by a bunch of Brits. And so the writer, “How dare you portray President Kennedy in that way?” “Well, we want to tell the entire story from the perspective of the queen,” not officially. This is not officially related to Buckingham Palace at all, but there are attempts to make it historically accurate.


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