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Saturday Highlights: FT on the Centennial Monetary Commission; John Tamny states Reinhart and Rogoff were wrong without spreadsheet error; Brian Domitrovic explains where the inflation went.

Politics and Government

On Forbes India, Amity Shlaes writes immigrants contribute to economic growth. 
The FT‘s Robin Harding writes about JEC Chairman’s proposed bipartisan Centennial Monetary Commission 
John Tamny indicts both Obama and Bush economic policies and record
Daily Ticker reports Niall Ferbuson’s disputing Paul Krugman on government spending 
Monetary Reform
In, Brian Domitrovic explains where the inflation went. 
At, Ralph Benko says the Great Gold Debate continues, and it’s serious. 
Detlev Schlichter reviews David Stockman’s “The Great Deformation- The Corruption of Capitalism in America. 
On TGSN, Ralph Benko illustrates Napoleon’s vision for The Bank of France. Also on TGSN, On TGSN, Ralph benko reprises Sen. Nelson Aldrich’s assessment of central banking best practices.
On ATR, Katie McAuliffe criticizes the Marketplace Fairness Act. 
On RealClearMarkets, John Tamny states Reinhart and Rogoff were wrong even without the ‘Spreadsheet Error’
At The Wall Street Journal, Joe Rago reports on the continuing slide of Obamacare’s popularity. 

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