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Scott Walker channels the ‘Laffer Curve’ to explain why tax cuts work.

Policy and Government

On Fox News, Arthur Laffer says Peter Navarro is not a voice for truth on economic growth.

The Washington Post‘s Philip Rucker, Damian Paletta and Josh Dawsey report that President Trump is rattled about the possibility of an economic downturn losing his reelection, NEC Director Kudlow remains optimistic “To me, it’s a pretty good story. Nobody likes to see market volatility. I get that. You get bears coming out of the woodwork. I get that. But we’ve been through that before.”

John Cassidy, Econ Big Foot for the New Yorker, shows how the tariffs and trade war could tank the economy and cost Trump his reelection.

H. Sterling Burnett at Townhall observes “no increase in the frequency or severity of hurricanes over the past century,  droughts are not more common, severe, or of greater length, flooding has become more common in some places with manmade land alterations, such as channelizing streams and rivers and filling areas with impervious surfaces (concrete, buildings, and parking lots) are mostly responsible for the flooding, not modestly warmer temperatures or increased rainfall. Although severe weather events have not become more extreme, the mainstream media and environmental zealots have resorted to endless fearmongering campaigns to make the public believe this is happening because of climate change.”


In the Washington Times, Scott Walker channels the ‘Laffer Curve’ to explain why tax cuts work.


At Townhall, Ken Blackwell says Trump should allow American energy companies to continue their operations in Venezuela.

Photo Credit: Michael Vadon

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