Group: The Five Pillars

Rein in Spending

Federal government spending is inimical to economic growth. The government takes all of its resources (money) from the real economy. Government spending is paid for

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Low or No Tariffs

Tariffs are simply an excise tax on international trade. They dampen prosperity. A fundamental economic principle is that people and nations benefit from trade. People

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Repeal Onerous Regulations

Government regulations impose real, if often obscure, costs on wealth-creation and can damage the cause of equitable prosperity. Oftentimes, these regulations prove excessive to their

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Low, Flat Tax

The “Platonic Ideal” for an income tax that maximizes equitable prosperity is the flat-rate tax. This, together with the gold standard, was an iconic plank

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Stable Money

Per the Mundell-Laffer Hypothesis, a stable currency, most important of which being the world’s reserve currency, the US dollar, is the paramount variable for economic

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