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Sound And The Fury

Unleash Prosperity Hotline
Issue #406
1) Sound And The Fury

The backlash against the 13 House Republicans who voted for the Biden sham infrastructure bill is mounting by the hour as conservatives learn all the details of the betrayal. 

This message was sent to us from House member Ralph Norman of South Carolina and a member of the House Freedom Caucus last night. It accurately summarizes the sense of betrayal inside the GOP caucus:

I listened to Kevin McCarthy on the Levin show last night as he was espousing the virtues of conservatism and the assurance of “conservatives“ taking control of the House in 2022. This was a man who assured everyone on this text that he had already told Stenny Hoyer that “Democrats had to get the 218 votes for passage“ and that Republicans would NOT pass this infrastructure bill UNTIL THEY (DEMOCRATS) HAD THE 218 !! THIS IS WHAT KEVIN PROMISED!!

He also said that 8-11 Republicans were his basic concern.

THE RESULTS – 13 Republican switchovers, PRIOR to the 218 board tally, NO CALLED CAUCUS MEETINGS TO DISCUSS OR PERSUADE THE 13 TURNCOATS during a day of doing NOTHING, NO MEMBER CALLS to urge others to put pressure on the 13 turncoats, all while we watched the Democrats MEET & “PERSUADE“ their members on passage of this horrendous spending package.

RESULTS, the REPUBLICANS passed a socialist bill that the Democrats could NOT do on their own and now we have the reconciliation bill that if passed by the Senate will bankrupt our great republic!

Bottom line is we had Pelosi trapped in a box canyon and Republicans rescued her. Now Biden crows about his “bipartisan infrastructure bill.”
2) What’s The Matter With New Jersey

When all the votes were finally counted in the governor’s election in New Jersey, incumbent Phil Murphy won the race against GOP challenger Jack Ciattarelli by 51 to 48%. Jack was outspent by about 4 to 1 and shame on the Republican National Committee and the Republican Governors Association for not spending more on this race. With $1 or $2 million more spent, Ciattarelli would have likely won.

Was their voter fraud in one of the three most politically corrupt states in the nation? We will never know. But what was fascinating about the race was how people voted. Please review the chart below.

The vote count as of midnight on election night (with 85% votes counted) shows that Jack won by a wide margin of 58% to 41% among those who voted on election day at the ballot box. But Murphy crushed him in the mail in votes by an enormous 3 to 1 margin. As our political editor John Fund, who has just published a new book called “OUR BROKEN ELECTIONS: HOW THE LEFT CHANGES THE WAY YOU VOTE,” explains – massive mail-in balloting is more susceptible to fraud. Mail-in ballots are the only kind of ballots that are cast outside the supervision of election officials, and observation of poll watchers.

We have to get back to the American tradition of voting on the actual election day, except for unusual circumstances such as illness, disability, military service, and travel out of the area when absentee ballots are warranted. 

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