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***Special Edition TSS- The Tapering Begins!*** Lewis Lehrman discusses whether Fed tapering matters; Jim Grant calls the stock market a hall of mirrors; Annalyn Kurtz writes Fed asset sheet will reach $4 trillion this week

Monetary Reform

On Fox Business, Lewis Lehrman discusseswhether Fed tapering matters.
From CNBC, Jim Grant calls the stock market a hall of mirrors.
On CNN Money, Annalyn Kurtz writeseven with tapering, The Fed’s asset sheet will reach $4 trillion this week.
Market Watch presentsthe text of The Fed’s statement
In The WSJ, Steven Russolillo arguesThe Fed’s very dovish tapering spurred the rally.
On CNBC, JeeYeon Park reports fed to taper bond buying by $10 billion a month.
On Bloomberg, Ellen Zentner believesit’s hard to turn back when tapering begins.
From, Ralph Benko detailshow Cato cleans Keynesian clock with their prescriptions for economic prosperity.
On TGSN, Ralph Benko gives Heritage’s Constitutional argument about state coinage laws. 

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