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Stephen Moore: 4% growth should be the new normal.

Policy and Government

In the Washington Times, Stephen Moore says 4% growth should be the new normal.

At, John Tamny tells the New York Times economic growth is limitless.

From, Ralph Benko explains what Lewis Lehrman’s ‘Churchill, Roosevelt & Company’ reveals about Donald Trump.

At, Bret Swanson discusses the future of the Internet.


At Ozy, Daniel Malloy asks if the gold standard is coming back.

The Money Illusion, Scott Sumner believes we are entering a new ‘Great Moderation.’


In the Washington Post, Damian Paletta reports the split on the import tax puts Congress in limbo.

In The Hill, Stephen Moore and Alfredo Ortiz warn the time is running out on small business tax cuts.


In The Washington Post, Bob Samuelson reflects on the implications of the fact that the federal regulatory burden is almost half the size of the federal budget.


At, Tim Worstall blasts Marine Le Pen’s absurdly nationalist economic platform.

At, Tim Worstall says thanks to Mugabe, Zimbabwe’s unemployment is now 95%.

Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore

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