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Policy and Government

**Committee to Unleash Prosperity thanks Tony Sayegh for his service at Treasury Department.**

On CNBC, Director Kudlow discusses trade.

CNBC reports Kevin Hassett is still optimistic that the U.S. economy will achieve 3 percent growth this year.


At Daily Torch, Robert Romano says deflation, not tariffs, caused the Great Depression.

From, John Tamny tells conservatives to stop rooting for dollar weakness.

At FX Street, Steve Forbes says a monkey throwing darts is better than the Fed.

Gecko Research discusses Russia’s flirtation with a gold backed cryptocurrency.

An Independent Mind says Rome’s decline was due to inflation.


In the Washington Times, Stephen Moore and Ann Bridges say the U.S. should develop its own rare earth minerals.

In The Hill, Peter Ferrara explains why Trump’s DOJ should change its tune on antitrust.