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Policy and Government

At Investor’s Business Daily, Stephen Moore and Jon Decker discuss the biggest failed economic predictions of 2017.

Investor’s Business Daily lists ways to make our economy stronger in 2018.

In the WSJ, Merrill Matthews writes free trade has been a boon for energy independence.

Real Clear Policy discusses the post-08 economy.

In The Daily Signal, Will Racke covers the mass exodus from blue states.


On Fox Business, Steve Forbes weighs in on Marco Rubio’s comments on the tax bill.

From Newsmax, Larry Kudlow says tax cuts will lead to an investment boom.


The WSJ praises Betsy Devos for ending Obama’s student loan scam.


Investor’s Business Daily covers the New York Times light praise of Trump’s deregulation efforts.

At, Adam Andrzejewski discusses the resistance from the regulatory swamp monsters.

The WSJ praises the great regulatory rollback of 2017.

Photo Credit: Anthony Quintano