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Stephen Moore Argues that Biden’s Unemployment Benefits Are Keeping Americans Out of the Workforce

Regulations and Policymaking

At KMJ Now, Stephen Moore argues that Biden’s unemployment benefits are keeping Americans out of the workforce.

At Newsmax, Moore makes the case that “more than half of those receiving unemployment benefits are making more than they would if they were employed full-time.”

At Fox Business, Larry Kudlow opines that the April jobs report is a fluke and will be revised substantially.

Per the New York Post, Kudlow says that there is no need for more federal spending after the April jobs report.

At the Foundation for Economic Education, Brad Polumbo catalogs four examples of bad economics in Biden’s State of the Union Address.

At National Review, the editorial board makes the case that Democratic policies are hindering the job market.

At the American Institute for Economic Research, Robert E. Wright and Aleksandra Przegalinska warn of attempts to use the fear of artificial intelligence to implement universal basic income.

Taxes and Spending

Per The North Plate Telegraph, Art Laffer is ramping up his support for a measure in Nebraska that would completely replace the state’s income, corporate, sales, and property taxes with a consumption tax.

Monetary Policy

At The Washington Free Beacon,¬†Matthew Continetti reflects on Milton Friedman’s revenge.

At Cafe Hayek, Don Boudreaux tears into the primary argument underlying Modern Monetary Theory.

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