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Stephen Moore discusses the implosion of Obamacare.

7773528446_8c7dc8594a_qPolicy and Government

From Investor’s Business Daily, Ralph Reiland contrasts JFK/Reagan’s pro-growth policies with President Obama’s.

In The Atlantic, Matt Stoller explains the Democrats shift away from populism.

From, Tim Worstall says the New York Times gets poverty and housing costs entirely wrong.

From, Tim Worstall says we can’t figure out our effectiveness in fighting poverty without taking into account what we are already doing.

At, Tim Worstall responds to Paul Krugman’s attack on free market intellectuals.


Alhambra Investment Partners says the dollar perspective matters.


In the Washington Times, Stephen Moore discusses the implosion of Obamacare.

From, John Tamny eviscerates the hysteria surrounding the AT&T/TimeWarner merger.

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