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Stephen Moore Explains how Biden’s Energy Pipe Dream Will Bankrupt Us

Policy and Government

At KMJ Now, Stephen Moore explains how Biden’s energy pipe dream will bankrupt us.

At Forbes (via YouTube), Steve Forbes explains why the economy would be in a permanent deep freeze without fossil fuels.

At Fox Business (via YouTube), Forbes laments the end of putting America first when it comes to energy policy.

At Fox Business (via YouTube), John Catsimatidis explains the folly in Biden’s energy and economic plans.

At the Waco Tribune-Herald, Jon Decker makes the case for why Biden should break-up with Big Insurance if he wants to achieve meaningful healthcare reform.

At Energy Talking Points, Alex Epstein argues that Texas’ blackouts are the result of federal and state policies that have favored the adoption of unreliable renewable energy sources over the use of fossil fuels.

At the American Institute for Economic Research, Jeffrey A. Tucker explores what role COVID-19 restrictions may have played in the Texas energy crisis.


At the Cato Institute, Alex Nowrasteh points out that wages did not rise in Arizona after the passage of SB1070.

Image Credit: Andreas Klinke Johannsen

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