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Stephen Moore explains how legal immigrants grow our economy.

Policy and Government

In the Washington Times, Stephen Moore explains how legal immigrants contribute to our economy.

Quartz reports Larry Kudlow is ditching the Phillips Curve.

At, John Tamny shows how the trucker shortage beats the dead horse of the Phillips Curve even deader.

At Harpers, Kevin Baker presents the left’s critique of New York City for “being probably a wealthier, healthier, cleaner, safer, less corrupt, and better-run city than it has ever been.” The same can be said for most of those other cities seen as recent urban success stories, from Los Angeles to Philadelphia, Atlanta to Portland, Oregon.


From, Brian Domitrovic says central banks have an intimate connection to warfare.


On Fox Business, Larry Kudlow and Steve Mnuchin discuss the impact of Trump’s tax cuts. Part 2.

On CNBC, Dan Mitchell discusses the impact of tax cuts.

HuffPo reveals how the beverage industry defeated the food police in California.

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