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Stephen Moore: Growth does not cause inflation!

Policy and Government

At, Nathan Lewis presents his new book, The Magic Formula, attempting to teach the GOP how to ignite soaring economic growth.

Grace Gedye in The Washington Monthly explains how Congress got dumb on tech (and how it could get smart.  Spoiler Alert: hire some nerds.)

National Geographic shows us what the future’s sustainable cities could look like

Jared Bernstein, formerly chief economist to Vice President Biden, is recovering from a subarachnoid hemorrhage. Jared has now been discharged from Fairfax Hospital and is recovering at home. Bernstein, who we wish total recovery, is an especially beloved adversary of the Supply-Side and in the humble opinion of the Supply Side Blog deserves a Presidential Medal of Freedom from President Trump.

Richard Rahn tells us what is not known about the state of the economy.

Bob Dylan’s Heaven’s Door Whiskey Distillery to Open in Nashville.


Stephen Moore: Growth does not cause inflation!

John Tamny praises Trump Fed nominee Stephen Moore.

Armstrong Williams at Townhall praises Fed nominees Stephen Moore and Herman Cain.

MMT and endogenous money.


Visual Capitalist shows us the history of U.S. taxation.

Michael Dougherty at NR lays out why a Two bit a gallon gas tax would be a politically terrible for Trump and bad for voters.


From, Norbert Michel says federal policies are making housing unaffordable.


Joseph Nye at Project Syndicate lays out five serious weaknesses under which China is laboring.

IMF lowers global growth forecast.

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