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Stephen Moore says Donald Trump will tell millions of Americans “You’re Hired”.

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In the NY Post, Stephen Moore says Donald Trump will tell millions of Americans “You’re Hired”.

Larry Kudlow says Donald Trump will be great for American businesses, small and large.

Stephen Moore says 4% growth is now possible.

Stephen Moore says Donald Trump’s economic plan has amazing potential to spur job creation.

In the Chicago Tribune, Gail MarksJarvis discusses what a Trump prescidency means for your wallet.

In the NY Post, Charles Gasparino explains why the markets decided to fall in love with Trump after all.


In the WSJ, Kate Davidson and Jon Hilsenrath believe Trump will end and era of uncertainty at the Fed.

In FT, Sam Fleming reports the Fed is facing the glare of a Trump policy shake-up.


Barclays expects net-positive economic growth next year due to Trump’s tax plan.

Larry Kudlow says Trump’s tax plan will increase take-home pay.

In the Irish Times, Stephen Moore warns the Celtics that Trump’s tax plan is going to send money back to America.

Stephen Moore says businesses will invert to the U.S. under Trump’s tax plan.

At Bloomberg, Lynnley Browning says Trump will bring the Art of the Deal to tax negotiations.

At CNBC, Michelle Fox writes Trump’s tax plan will benefit the market.


Steve Forbes gives 7 ways to replace Obamacare.


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