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Stephen Moore Says Unemployment Rate Deceiving

8125991446_041f1c865d_qPolitics and Government

At, Bruce Parker covers Stephen Moore’s remarks on why the 5.1% unemployment rate is deceiving.

From Bloomberg, Andrew Mayeda reports extreme poverty worldwide is about to hit a record low.

The WSJ lists notable quotes from Milton Friedman.


At, John Tamny writes the more Ben Bernanke speaks, the more he shrinks.

From The Pulse, Sean Fieler explains how the GOP could unite the party by fighting the Fed.

At The Economist, Y.Y. and J.W. discuss the money wave that hit emerging markets after the financial crisis.

In the WSJ, David Malpass says the September jobs report shows it’s time for the Fed to try something new.

American Principles Project condenses the Jackson Hole Counter-Conference in a brief video.


At EconWatch, Veronique de Rugy, Ryan Daza and Daniel Klein ask why left-leaning economists weren’t more opposed to the Export-Import Bank.

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