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Policy and Government

At, Ralph Benko praises Scott Rasmussen for his new book, Politics Has Failed America Will Not, for battling Tyrranophilia — the love of dictatorship by some American elites —  explaining the threat of the regulatory state and explaining why it should be deconstructed, cheering technological innovation, and chides the author for taking a Pollyannaish view of community engagement and overlooking the need for high integrity monetary policy, ideally the gold standard.

From, Tim Worstall explains why through capitalism AI will reduce, not increase, inequality.

From, John Tamny wonders what Republicans would do if Clinton had introduced a federal jobs program.

In the Daily Beast, John Batchelor says Republicans will right the ship around this week.


From USA Today, Alan Cobb says Kansas’ tax cuts actually produced great results.

At Politico, Stephen Moore gives his thoughts on how to pass tax cuts.

At Newsbusters, Senator Paul uses 3rd grade math to explain how tax cuts work.


From Investor’s Business Daily, Stephen Moore slams the banana republic of Illinois for its tax-and-spend status quo.