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Stephen Moore slams the climate change hypocrites on Paris exit.

Policy and Government

In the Washington Times, Stephen Moore slams the climate change hypocrites.

Larry Kudlow: Productivity Growth is missing from U.S. economy.

Steve Forbes: When you have a good economy, lots of sins are forgiven.

At, Brian Domitrovic tells us JFK’s surprising legacy – economic growth.

On Real Clear Markets, John Tamny calls the BLS unemployment report ‘worthless’.

QZ warns there is a shortfall in retirement savings.

At, Tim Worstall tells us what the widening trade deficit means for our economy.

At, John Tamny says Mike & Mike miss on the market value of college vs pro.


New York Magazine – Democrats Should Propose an Actual ‘Middle Class’ Tax Cut.

At CNS News, Terence Jeffrey says per capita taxes have doubled since JFK.


At, Tim Worstall slams the progressive caucus’ budget absurdity.


Larry Kudlow: Nixing Paris means the War on Fossil Fuels is over.

The Federalist: Democrats have lost on climate change, and it’s their fault.

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